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The trading and assembly company JK MONT s.r.o. located in Lhota pod Přeloučí, Pardubice district, has operated on our market since 1997.

Company orientation:

  • custom-made metal production;
  • assembly of technological equipment and machinery;
  • manufacture and complete reconstruction of machinery and equipment for transport and storage of loose materials for rendering, agriculture and food industry;
  • locksmith work, heating, plumbing;
  • trading activity;
  • consulting in reconstruction, repair and maintenance of technological equipment for rendering plants.

Manufacturing Programme

Screw conveyers, tube or trough in lengths from 1.5 m  to 15 m and diameters from 150 mm to 630 mm (also larger diameter screw conveyers by agreement)

Chain conveyers, straight or cranked

  • for RT 160, 260, 360 series in lengths from 3 to 50 m
  • for RD series - bidirectional
  • for RV series - tipping
  • for RZ series - cranked - RZ 30, 30/200, 160, 75
    By standard, chain conveyers are made of steel class 11 or on customer's demand 
    class 17 (stainless steel)

Bucket hoists

  • EK 100 series with max. height to 40 m
  • EK 155 series with max. height to 50 m
  • EK 220 series with max. height to 50 m

Indoor and outdoor storage bins for loose materials.  Version with circular or square diameter and with discharging device.

Material crushers - output 2, 10 and 20 t/hour

Spare parts for rendering equipment:

  • conveyor chains
  • flights (segments)
  • worm shafts
  • DS 1 crusher shafts
  • general overhauls for crushers of rendering raw materials etc.

Heel disintegrators

Crushing mills for meat and bone meal SMM

Water scrubbers

Sifters - eccentric, drum sifters

Feeding troughs ZP 8 – ZPS 60

Troughs for meat and bone pulp ZMK 3 – ZMK 10

Troughs for meat and bone meal ZMK 3 – ZMK 70

Various locksmith products

Steel structures, welded or bolted with surface treatment by paint or galvanizing; beam or column length up to 15 m and up to 3 t of weight for a single piece

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